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Aaron Dennis

Our farm was established by my grandparents Bob and Ruth Dennis in the 1940’s under the name Woodbury Stock Farm in Jasper New York. My grandparents purchased some of the first Hereford cattle in the area and were very active in the New York Beef Producers Association. Currently my father, Steve Dennis and I run a cow calf operation with Registered Hereford cattle in Jasper New York. We run a mixed herd of Registered Hereford cattle and black baldie cross cattle. We use semen from Select Sires 100W Cuda 504C and Trust Bulls from Finger Lakes Cattle Company. Three years ago I needed a bull for cleanup and used a neighbor’s Red Angus bull. After seeing the first Red Angus cross calves I knew I had calves that were of value because of their growth and calm disposition. Growing up I showed cattle in the Steuben County 4-H program. My first show cow, Dream Girl, was purchased from John and Ted Kriese at Spring Pond Farm. From her came many calves that were the start of my herd of Hereford cattle that are still an influence in our mixed herd.