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The “Right on Red” Bull and Heifer Development and Sale Overview

The New York State Red Angus Association  is excited to announce the “Right on Red” bull and female Sale on Saturday, April 27th, 2024 at 1:00 PM.  This sale offering will feature Registered Red Angus and Hereford Bulls, registered Red Angus and Hereford Females, as well as source verified commercial heifers which are sired by Red Angus and Hereford Bulls.

The “Right on Red” Sale will be held at the Seneca County Fairgrounds in Waterloo, NY. Consignors will have the opportunity to have their virgin bulls and heifers developed at the facilities of Erwindale Farm (Jason TenEyck) in Waterloo, New York.  Bulls will be developed on a diet with a target Average Daily Gain of 3.5 lbs. per day, and females will be fed at a target gain of 2.0 lbs. per day.  While at the development facility, cattle will be weighed every 28 days, will have ultrasound data collected, hoof and phenotype scores, and breeding evaluations will be completed.  In addition, the cattle in the development program will be clipped and will have sale videos taken.  The “Right on Red” Sale is a video-based sale, meaning that cattle will not go through a ring.

Individual consignors can feel free to develop their own cattle, and bring them to the sale location for display and sale purposes.  This will obviously apply to any bred females or cow/calf combinations which are consigned to the sale.  Consignors who choose to develop their own sale lots will need to provide the Sales management with high quality video, as well as any and all pertinent performance and breeding records.  We strongly encourage breeders to have ultrasound data furnished for their sale lots, and all bulls must pass a breeding soundness evaluation as defined by the Society for Theriogenology.

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