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Shepard Settlement Farm

Shepard Settlement Farm was started by Mike & Lynda Foster in 1996. The Fosters invested in the Red Angus breed and never looked back. Their business focuses heavily on investing in proven mama cows & IVF so they can produce uniform, proven calves that will serve the beef industry. Over the years the Fosters have started many breeders & they find their start up success lies in proven cows who “work”- Cows that will breed, calve easily & raise a calf successfully and Bulls who marble well & can be turned out to breed cows while maintaining rig. 

The Fosters worked with Rich Red Angus in Iowa selling their bulls & heifers since 2008.  As advocates for red hided animals, the Fosters know Reds are continually providing development for the purebreds & an opportunity for hybrid vigor with cross breeding, they are excited for the Sale this Spring as the Red Angus breed continues to develop in the Northeast.

Shepard Settlement Farm is located in Marcellus, NY, outside of Syracuse; always welcoming visitors for a cup of coffee & a look at some cattle.