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Steuben Farms Maple Grove

Steuben Farms Maple Grove was established in 2000 when Dr. Guy Hammond purchased his first standardbred horse. He was enthusiastic for breeding mares, foaling, and raising yearlings to get the best race horses for the track. Though, Guy couldn’t quite shake his passion for cattle. He spent his summers milking cows with his grandpa in Boonville, NY, then went onto owning his own dairy before attending veterinary school. In 2013 Guy and his wife Jennifer bought their first two commercial cows which started their hereford beef production. Today Steuben Farms Maple Grove runs both commercial and registered hereford herds. To enhance the genetics of the herd, much thought is taken into each breeding on the farm which is done through artificial insemination and embryo transfer, to produce a sound production animal.

All of the cattle are fed forages and grain produced right on the farm. This includes corn, soybeans, oats and hay, along with a rotaional pature schedule.

Steuben Farms Maple Grove is family operated along with the help of Paul Knowles. Sadly we lost Guy in the fall of last year however the vision of the farm stays the same. We will continue to produce a strong herd of genetically proven registered hereford cattle and support local agriculture through 4-H/FFA.