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Pleasant View Farms

We are Jacob and Katie Lipton from Pleasant View Farms located in Somers, CT. We own and operate a fourth going on fifth generation family farm alongside my brother and his wife. Our farming roots started in the dairy industry a few generations back and has since evolved quite a bit over the years! Although we don’t milk cows anymore, we do raise a herd of Red Angus cattle for seed stock production as well as catering to our local freezer beef market. Despite being relatively young as a Red Angus breeder, we have large intentions. Our goal is to raise and breed our animals to benefit any operation. Whether you are a commercial cattleman or someone looking for a competitive show heifer, we can help. We strive for animals that are balanced well by breeding for performance, disposition, and phenotype. Through purchasing excellent females and utilizing resources such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer we are aiming to produce nothing but the best. Other than our cattle, we raise a variety of hay and grain crops and operate a business supplying other farms throughout the New England area with feed for their animals.