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B. Wessner Farms LLC.

The Wessner family is now five generations deep in producing agricultural products in eastern Pennsylvania and for most of our lives we made our living raising potatoes, hay and grain. I and my wife Cheree along with my kids Justine, Kristin and Brandon grew up running the family business and it was not until my kids started off to college that I figured out potatoes is not a one man job. So we sold the potato equipment and bought some cows. We started feeding steers and found out we just didn’t have the facility so in back in 2010 we purchased our first set of red Angus cows from swank farms and never look back. Since then we’ve grown substantially and invested heavily into some really fine females from all over the US. That along with an AI program only to use the top bulls available, we now can offer some of the best animals that red Angus has to offer. We also have a farm in Camden New York for a grass fed operation that we intend to grow substantially for grazing. 

My son Brandon is back on the farm and he is a big part of our everyday cow calf work schedule along with growing  corn, soybeans and high quality horse hay and our latest endeavor , to build  a brand new butcher shop which should be in full operation by the sale. This will get to our goal of selling field to table products and completely cut out the middle man.   

All animals for sale are listed on our website this includes all consigned animals to this year’s right on red sale. You can also visit or face book page or call Buddy Wessner Direct at 610 390-2836. I love to talk cows.