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Bryan's Family Farm

Bryan’s Family Farm was born out of a young boy’s dream to raise beef cattle like his neighbors. Their family history makes Nick and his brothers 4th generation butchers. All three brothers, their mom, aunt, and uncle all work at the family USDA inspected butch shop, Bryan’s Meat Cutting. Nick and Dan Bryan (father) began their farming careers in 2009 in East Smithfield, PA.  Nick’s love and obsession for learning every side of the beef cattle industry is able to be seen in every aspect of the farm. BFF contains cattle from all different breeds including Black Angus, Hereford, Red Angus, and commercial crosses. Owning both a butcher shop and a farm allows for the unique opportunity to have control of an animal from conception through the finished steak on your plate. This provides a unique view on how beef genetics are affecting overall finished beef quality.


Joining Nick in his farming adventures are his wife, Jan Bryan and their two kids, Dani and Paul; brother, Kyle and sister-in-law, Kara; brother, Matt and girlfriend Shelby. While Nick handles the day to day farm operations and genetic selections, wife Janice heads calving, medical procedures and data collection/submission. Kyle and Matt can be seen in the fields planting and harvesting crops and maintaining equipment. Dani and Paul are sure to never miss a trip to the farm and if there is a tractor running they will demand a ride before it’s shut off. Bryan’s Family Farm has cosigned 3 Red Angus bulls to the inaugural Right on Red sale on March 22, 2023.