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Wilson Family Farm Red Angus

I am a partner with my parents donna and Bob Wilson with Wilson Dairy and Sheep Farms, Dansville, NY, where we have a diversified farm of crops, sheep, and beef catle, in addition to a gravel pit started in recent years. Im a 5th generation farmer and look forward to passing the farm onto the next generation.  More important than cattle and farming, my wife Megan and I have been blessed with 7 children.

Our family has always raised sheep and milked cows, but the milk cows were sold in 2013.  Growing up my brothers and I did very well showing beef, dairy, sheep, and swine in 4h, and ive always had a special interest in beef cattle, so after the dairy cows left and a chance to buy 11 angus pregnant heifers came up, my wife and I decided to do it and we had ourown herd started.  Shortly after. I had noticed an advertisement of some red angus cattle for sale by  Dr. Steven Yousey with 4y Red Angus in Lyndonville, NY. After visiting with the Yousey family and looking at their herd, I was excited to buy our first Red Angus cattle, and therefore Wilson Family Farm red angus was started.  my interest of the red Angus breed quickly took off, learning and seeing firsthand how they excel in so many traits, especially maternally and quality grade.  We have been very pleased with the red cows.

Currently our goals are to build numbers, with a registered Red Angus base herd, and also to produce the F1 red angus Hereford cross females for our main commercial herd and have females and bulls for sale. We use A.I. as much as we’re able to, using bulls like Domain, Pelton Wideload, Duff Red Blood and Duff HD, to keep improving our herd, and also sell some freezer beef.  My oldest son has been especially fond of red angus and is building his own herd of high-quality show cattle, reading and studying any magazines and info he can get , especially when selecting his bulls for A.i. 

We are a work in progress but look forward to establishing a high quality herd and cattle that will thrive in any environment they are in.  We are thankful for the Blessings God has given us, especially our family, and hope to do our best as stewards of what he has entrusted us to take care of.